Build a Memorable, Magnetic Brand

Through our proven Business & Brand Method, we create and leverage your brand and website to communicate your value, so you can attract more of the people, projects, and opportunities you desire most. Our thoughtful brand-building process helps you align your vision and goals, build confidence, and create a plan of action to experience long-term success and more freedom in your business and life.

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直播视频频道是澳洲幸运十官网的一大亮点。可以通过该频道实时观看游戏开奖过程,感受刺激的游戏氛围,增加了参与彩票游戏的乐趣和紧张感。直播视频质量高,画面清晰,让观众能够清晰地看到每一次开奖的结果,确保公平公正。 Creating meaningful brands for purposeful businesses.

Hero Decorative HR
Est. 2005
Hero Decorative HR
We provide passionate entrepreneurs with the tools for greater visibility, credibility, profitability and freedom.
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除了直播视频,澳洲幸运十官网还提供了方便快捷的开奖结果查询服务。可以通过官网或相关应用程序轻松查询最新的开奖结果和号码,及时了解自己的彩票购买情况,方便快捷。 We’re Aligned with Your Success

We work with purposeful businesses that help others thrive and succeed. We click with clients who help people make vital transformations in their lives and the world around them: coaches, therapists, consultants, designers, health and wellness experts, content creators and lifestyle guides, and other mindful entrepreneurs and businesses that lead with purpose. Our clients align with our thoughtful approach to business and a belief in the value of authenticity and connection.  

At DesignGood, we believe that your business, brand and being are inseparable.
We believe:
  • Your business enables you to live the life you want to live.
  • Your gifts, passions and expertise guide what your business should be.
  • Your brand captures who you are and aligns you with the people, projects and opportunities you desire most

See How We Help Businesses Thrive

Our Work

而对于那些喜欢研究历史数据来说,澳洲幸运十官网也提供了开奖历史走势分析功能。通过查看历史走势,可以发现规律,制定更加科学的投注策略,提高中奖的概率。这个功能不仅增加了游戏的趣味性,也为观众提供了更多的参考信息-Experience the Power of Our Proven Method

DesignGood works with individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations on a very personal level to connect them authentically to their audience.

In our three-phase Business & Brand Method, we serve as your guide, coach and creative visionary throughout our branding process. We help you stand out as an expert in your space and build or scale your business around your unique gifts and talents to create a brand that’s more personal, more passionate and more authentic. That’s what we call high-vibe branding.

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Create a Solid


The best investment you can make in your new business is a brand that builds credibility and inspires confidence right out of the gate. DesignGood removes all the stress and guesswork from launching. Our experienced experts take care of all deliverables for you. 

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Confidently and intentionally

Do your existing business and brand need an upgrade? DesignGood helps you elevate your brand with visuals and storytelling that reflect your expertise and uniqueness, all while helping you address your challenges and reach your goals.

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Your success

Build on your strong track record, discover even more meaning and satisfaction and perhaps grow in some new directions. With our help, you can attract new audiences, evolve your offerings, grow your income, increase efficiency and infuse your work with joy.

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The Case for a Memorable, Meaningful Brand

A memorable and meaningful brand is one built around your unique story, strengths and passions. When your brand and website reflect who you are and the results you create, it helps you connect with your ideal clients and customers. Professionally designed and written branding, website and marketing materials help you get noticed and provide a consistent and memorable experience for your audiences, wherever they encounter your brand.

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Kase & Co
Our Contributions

Naming, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Website Design, Copywriting, Sales & Outreach Tools, Branded Email Marketing, Presentation Design, Internal Communications Design, Photography Art Direction

The experts at Kase & CO Training and Consulting specialize in comprehensive EMDR and trauma training for psychotherapists. Led by Rebecca Kase, the company is one of the top Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing training providers in the country.

Even while the company was expanding, it remained branded under Rebecca's first and last name. Rebecca was ready to rebrand and raise the level of the visual identity to match the company's high-level profile within the industry. In addition to fresh visual branding and updated name and messaging, we revised the website structure to make the site easy to navigate. We also created training page templates to help Rebecca and her team streamline their process of adding new workshops and events to their site. The end result is a beautiful brand and online presence designed for Kase & CO to grow together.

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McCray & Co
Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity Update, Website Design, Website Development, Copywriting, Digital Sales & Outreach Tools

If you happen to live in Austin, TX, you’ve likely seen the work of Chris McCray and Grace Hall, founders of McCray & Co. The studio has a well-earned reputation for visionary, concept-driven work, and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to design.

While McCray & Co. is often recognized for their hospitality design, residential spaces are a significant component of their business, and their work reaches far beyond Austin city limits. The studio was founded in 2011, and it had been a minute since they’d revisited their website to showcase the breadth of their work and expertise. They asked the DesignGood team to help redefine and update their messaging and reintroduce their brand to Austin and beyond. Exploring and achieving brand clarity takes effort. At DesignGood, we first developed Foundational Brand Language, which serves as the touchpoint for brand messaging and communications. For McCray & Co, we drafted a brand clarifier, “Residential & Hospitality Design,” to their name to clearly communicate what they do – so right away, a future client knows if they’re in the right place. For their new website, Chris and Grace wanted to show off those spaces in separate home and hospitality portfolios that would convey the full range of their capabilities. Side-by-side portfolio images demonstrate the range of their capabilities. The individual portfolio pages we created include images and descriptions that provide detail on the process and approach McCray & Co. takes for each project. And the custom-built website was designed to make it easy for the studio to add projects to their home and hospitality portfolios as they’re completed.

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Awakened Solo Travels
Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Website Design, Copywriting, Sales & Outreach Tools, and Branded Email Marketing

Have you ever just wanted to pack a bag and take off, solo, en route to your dream destination?

If you're like us here at DesignGood, you're still making up for all those getaways you missed during the height of the pandemic. Awakened Solo Travels founder Diana Zatynaychenko knows the feeling. As a trip planning expert and veteran solo traveler, Diana loves helping other women discover the life-altering magic of solo travel. When she realized she could hone her superpowers to help other women plan solo trips of their own, Diana asked DesignGood to guide her in building her brand and business.

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Navix Health
Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Application Interface Design, Website Design, Website Development, Copywriting, Digital Sales & Outreach Tools

Navix HubTM is a fully unified software platform designed by and for behavioral health professionals. A behavioral health management software combining CRM (customer relationship management), EMR (electronic medical records) and RCM (revenue cycle management) services into one seamless platform, Navix Health seeks to streamline and simplify patient onboarding and management, clinical documentation, claims management and billing, empowering professionals to devote their time, energy and resources to providing the highest level of patient care possible.

Navix Health was founded by a team of treatment professionals who felt unsupported by a lack of truly integrated, adaptable and user-friendly software applications that could effectively provide and manage the logistics of care. In response, the Navix Health team developed a fully unified and adaptable platform for their professional peers, hoping to improve both patient care and work life for behavioral health providers. Navix HubTM is scalable and all-inclusive for behavioral health organizations of all sizes, as well as independently owned, corporately-supported facilities and private practitioners. The software is intuitive and easy-to-understand, created with the knowledge that employees will have to quickly and easily adapt to a new system so time and energy aren’t taken away from the care they are providing. The majority of a healthcare provider’s time is spent on documentation rather than care. Navix Health wants to change this. They invite organizations and professionals to partner with us as they seek to fundamentally change the way behavioral healthcare companies do business, streamlining workflows and minimizing the time and resources spent on administration and documentation so practitioners can focus on what matters most: the patient.

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Eric Winterling
Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Website Design, Branded Email Marketing, Photography Art Direction

As one of New York’s premiere custom costume studios, Eric Winterling came to DesignGood ready to update their look. In three decades of creating costumes, Eric’s business had grown into one of the largest and most well-regarded studios in Manhattan. But along with the sartorial trends of days past, he’d left his branding and website far behind.

Eric heads up a team of master drapers, dressmakers and stitchers who construct each costume by hand. And while their completed costumes are seriously impressive, we took a fresh approach to showing off their work, telling the story of their craft through a highly customized portfolio experience that includes design sketches, detail shots, works-in-progress, performance photos and video. The customized portfolio treatment, along with a separate showcase of details, demonstrates how the studio’s unwavering attention to detail and quality plays well to camera and stage alike. Like his studio, which grew from 400 square feet in its earliest days to more than 8,000 square feet today, we updated and expanded Eric’s brand through a new visual identity, website design and copy to tell his story in bigger, brighter, more colorful fashion.

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澳洲幸运十官网的主要服务和功能,包括直播视频、开奖结果查询以及历史走势分析。通过这些功能,更加方便地参与彩票游戏,并且提高了游戏的乐趣和中奖的概率。-What Our Clients Say

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DesignGood is a wonderful team of creative women who build gorgeous, engaging, and well-designed websites.

Rebecca Kase

Founder, Kase & Co

DesignGood is a wonderful team of creative women who build gorgeous, engaging, and well-designed websites. I am so grateful to have found this group and I love the new brand and website they created! I own a training and consulting business and we have a larger website with extensive content that also needed some additional functionality. This team of brilliant creatives was able to take all of my business's complexity and organize it into a thoughtfully planned, informative, and engaging website. I'm incredibly grateful for this this team, and I've recommended them to a number of other professionals.

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Even as a writer I'm finding it challenging to put into words how much I've enjoyed working with DesignGood. Thank you for your expertise, love, and kindness.

Kate Eckman

Author of The Full Spirit Workout

"Even as a writer I'm finding it challenging to put into words how much I've enjoyed working with DesignGood. Kristin and every member of her team not only embody top-notch talent, but are also a complete dream to work with. From start to finish, I felt so cared for, never felt like an annoyance even when I was being annoying, and absolutely love what they created for my brand. Being able to launch a website this stunning, this polished, this professional during the biggest month of my career (the launch of my first book) felt so gratifying. I couldn't wait to show it off! There simply aren't enough words to adequately sum up how thrilled I am with my new brand and website. Thank you for your expertise, love, and kindness."

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They took a dated and neglected website with minimal branding and social media promotion and created an industry best! We wanted our designer clients to envision themselves in our studio with their projects - mission accomplished.

Michael Peck

Managing Director, Eric Winterling

"Kristin and her team have an authentic ability to quickly hone in on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish with your business. Working DesignGood has been a game-changer in terms of how we will showcase our projects to clients and sales prospects moving forward. They took a dated and neglected website with minimal branding and social media promotion and created an industry best! The team worked through a daunting process with us, sorting through 30+ years projects to decide which best represented the breadth and scope of what we do. Kristin and the team literally brought our studio to life by showing the beauty of our process. We wanted our designer clients to envision themselves in our studio with their projects - mission accomplished. Sometimes creative businesses are so busy creating that they never take a pause to access where they’ve been and where they want to go with their business. DesignGood helped us to do that. We look forward to working with them on many more projects with them in the future."

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The girls at DesignGood have LITERALLY brought my vision to life and I could not be more thankful for the talent they have put into this project. From the get-go, the team at DesignGood has given me the most divine experience...

Courtney Maguire

Founder, Her Velvet Hand

"When I reached out to Kristin and the team at Design Good- I was in the FRESHEST area of planning my business. I was just barely starting my business plan and had just made my business name, Her Velvet Hand, official. I was referred to the team by one of my dearest friends- and after seeing her branding- I knew I was in exceptional hands. As a creative artist, it was paramount that I find a branding company that I could connect with in more ways than just business. From the get-go, the team at DesignGood has given me the most divine experience, not only with the creative artistry behind their designs, but their professional, patient, and supportive approach as I venture into this new journey. The work that has been put into my brand has exceeded my expectations and has been absolutely worth the investment. The girls at DesignGood have LITERALLY brought my vision to life and I could not be more thankful for the talent they have put into this project. THANK YOU for everything."

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Working with DesignGood has been life-altering!

Neathery Falchuk

Founder, Ample + Rooted

"Working with DesignGood has been life-altering! I knew deep down where I wanted to take my business, but didn't know how to pull it together. I was referred to DesignGood by a dear colleague and I'm so incredibly thankful! Kristin and her team helped turn my deepest desires into a beautiful new business. Since we launched our new website and brand, my business has exploded and I continue to hear how impactful it is to others. There are times I just scroll through our website because it's THAT beautiful! We've only launched 4 months ago and I've already seen a return on my investment. Working with DesignGood is worth it and I wholeheartedly recommend them."

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We couldn’t have achieved this without the creativity the DesignGood team!

Laura R. Beckmann

President & Chief Operating Officer, AmRisc Group

"Kristin and the DesignGood team are incredibly creative and really strived to fully understand our business and cater specifically to our needs. While insurance may not be the most exciting or glamourous line of business, they delivered results that were still modern, vibrant and innovative while still aligning with our business purpose. We have received so much positive feedback, not only the website, but the branding as well! We couldn’t have achieved this without the creativity the DesignGood team brought to the table!"

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We’re Thrilled With The Results

Nicole Giordano

Founder, StartUp Fashion

"Our most recent project with them was not only a branding refresh, but also a complete update of our website to better showcase all that we have to offer. And we’re thrilled with the results. It’s strong, professional, and clearly shows our community all the ways in which we can help them. Most importantly, over the last two launch periods our sales page's membership conversion rate was an average of 11.4%! Based on my research, that’s the upper echelon. #hellyes"

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What does it take to build a memorable brand? How do you build and scale a profitable business around your passions? What’s the secret to creating more ease, flow and freedom in your work?

These are things we think about every day at DesignGood. Through our blog, we provide information and inspiration to help you create success in your business and life. Explore our most popular topics below and visit the full blog for more.

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You CAN Create the Business and Life You Want

Your dreams for business and life are a lot closer to reality than you might believe right now. But turning your vision into reality doesn’t just happen. Instead, it requires intention. So where should you start? We can help.
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Do Your Business and Brand Reflect Who You Are?

At DesignGood, we’ve helped hundreds of clients create successful businesses and brands. Our clients come from all different fields. But we’ve found that one thing is true for all of them: Your business and brand must flow from your authentic self. So what does that look like?
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Business + Spirit

Want More Ease and Flow in Your Business?

We’re always struck by how many entrepreneurs believe that “the struggle” is just a part of life when you own a business. As we’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years, we’ve actually come to believe that the opposite is true. Success doesn’t come from struggle or from hustling hard for every win. Instead, you’re more likely to achieve your goals when things feel, well, a lot easier. Let’s explore why.
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Business How-Tos

How to Level Up Your Business

Every business changes over time. But how can you be sure it’s the right moment for your business to evolve? And, perhaps even more importantly, what should you do to reach the next stage of success? At DesignGood, we’ve helped countless clients level up their businesses. Based on our experience, we’ve identified some common signs that it’s time to level up, as well as the most effective actions you can take to do so.
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Attracting Customers

How to Work with People Who Appreciate Your Value – and Happily Pay You For It

So how do you find more of your people — the customers or clients who appreciate your uniqueness and who will happily pay you for it? Actually, you don’t have to look for them at all. Instead, you can make some intentional changes in your business and brand that will have your dream customers or clients seeking YOU out.
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Hiring Experts

How to Get Unstuck and Finally Create Your Brand

High-vibe branding expert Kristin Moses explains how to break through fear and hesitation to start building your brand.
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