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At DesignGood, we bring a thoughtful approach to business and a belief in the value of authenticity and connection. 

With more than two decades of experience, DesignGood Founder Kristin Moses and our creative team provide complete brand-building services, including design, content writing and website creation.

Our proven DesignGood Business and Brand Method begins with guiding you in creating a clear vision for your business and life. Following an in-depth process of discovery, we help you communicate your experience, expertise and unique value by crafting foundational brand language and website copy that speaks directly to the people you most want to reach. We then bring your brand to life through custom visual identity and website design that provides a consistent and beautiful brand experience.

We complement content creation and design with business guidance and sales and outreach tools that empower you to streamline your business, stay connected with your ideal audiences and expand your reach. From starting out to scaling up, we work with businesses at every stage, providing a thoughtful approach to branding that allows you to continue to evolve and grow alongside your brand.

Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Our clients are building new businesses, growing established businesses and refining successful ones. They align with our high-vibe approach, and they're committed to making an investment in their own success.

While every client is unique, they share similar challenges that revolve around visibility, credibility, profitability and freedom, some of which you might find familiar:

  • You don’t have a brand, or the one you have isn’t helping you grow or advance your business.
  • Your brand and website aren’t a true reflection of the work you do and the value you create for your audience.
  • You’ve outgrown your old branding and it’s time to revisit outdated design and messaging to reflect your evolution.
  • You don’t have the professionally branded tools you need to drive business.
  • You either don’t have a website, or you aren’t happy with the one you do have.
  • You have experience but lack credibility because you haven’t invested in building your brand.
  • You want to charge more for your services, so you need to more effectively communicate what you do and the results you create.
  • You’re missing out on opportunities for new clients, leads, partnerships and connections because your brand doesn’t look or sound like you.
  • Your business is growing and changing and you need a brand that reflects where you’re heading.
  • You want your brand to do more for you, so you can focus on what you love doing most.
  • You need a plan of action to get unstuck, gain momentum and grow your business.
  • You need an experienced partner in creating your brand. You want help creating a vision for your business and bringing that vision to life.

We’ve used our proven process to help hundreds of service businesses and passionate entrepreneurs solve these challenges and leverage their brand and website for long-term success.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Working with DesignGood

Our Founder, Kristin Moses

In over 25 years of helping businesses succeed, I’ve come to understand that the power of branding goes much deeper than aesthetics.

As a business owner, I believe your brand is your ultimate vision board for your business. It’s a physical representation of your dreams, desires and where you’re headed. Creating your brand awakens a new kind of energy – one that constantly moves you closer to those dreams and desires. I know from experience that setting a clear intention with your brand helps you vibrate at the same frequency as the things you want, so they show up faster in your business and life.

At DesignGood, we bring an in-depth process, high-vibe approach, and dedication and creativity to every project we take on. Thoughtful coaching and guidance are extras that come with a deep commitment to seeing our clients succeed.

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Our Creative Team

When you work with DesignGood, you don't have to worry about finding the right professionals to carry out different parts of your branding project. That's because we provide a range of in–house expertise. Our team members bring together experience in design, copywriting, web development, operations and project management. And we all share a passion for your success.

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Director of Business Operations

Kristie is the mega-organizer who keeps the company running smoothly. With 15 years of experience as a manager, her background includes sales management, office administration, HR and project management. Kristie excels at all-things-operations - she loves to develop efficient processes and procedures and is a whiz at number crunching. Her work collaboration with Kristin started at Deuce Creative, and they are also lifelong friends.


Creative Project Manager

Chelsea Francis brings her 9+ years of entrepreneurship, marketing experience, and love of small businesses into everything she does. She's an Enneagram 8 with a heart of gold and a sharp sense of empathy with it comes to people. When she's not coming up with new systems in Asana, finding ways to sneak gifs in team communication, and sending project updates, you can find her chasing down the best soup dumplings or renovating her '68 Ranch home in Nashville.



Laura has been a designer for two decades and immersing herself in creative projects for as long as she can remember. Currently specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind logos and visual identities, she loves the magic that happens when a brand comes together. She believes in trusting your intuition — in design and in life — and staying in touch with your creative spirit.



Jess is a self-taught visual + web designer with a vibrant background. A Fashion Institute of Technology Alum, she received a rigorous creative education that built a foundation for her future work in brand development. Jess prides herself as being a hybrid designer who is always looking to learn new things. Having spent several years as a freelancer, she’s had her hands in everything from illustrating to web development. She is constantly creating and loves the magic of visual storytelling. When she's not designing, you can find her laying in the grass with her pup Scully and a good book.



Courtney is a designer, illustrator, and color enthusiast who lives for telling stories and solving complex design challenges with a unique creative approach. After completing a mentor-led, User-Experience Design Certification during quarantine, she now approaches every project from a user-centric design perspective. She’s worked with brands like YETI, Baylor College of Medicine, RISE Soccer Club, The Houston Symphony, Whole Foods Market, and The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH). Courtney loves a good gradient and will talk your ear off about dogs and food!


Writer + Brand Storyteller

Christia began her career as a graphic designer, then discovered an equal love for writing. It’s the perfect pairing to bring to her role as copywriter with DesignGood. Christia has written across the media spectrum, from editorial and advertorial and blog to broadcast, covering a wide range of sectors. She loves the discovery process and specializes in capturing a client’s unique tone and voice. Christia is a published poet, a fan of the semicolon and an advocate for the style guide.



Carla is a writer and filmmaker with a love for all things creative. After graduating Florida State University with a degree in Creative Writing, Carla spent several years as a freelance writer for tech startups. She loves writing for DesignGood, and finds great joy in finding the words that connect businesses with their dream clients. 



Genevieve is a writer, musician and former architecture student and designer. After graduating from UC Berkeley with degrees in architecture, city planning, and philosophy, Genevieve began writing about the built environment, finding a place to merge her studies in the editorial world. She is passionate about narrative and how the written word can be used to render complex concepts and processes more accessible, engaging and understandable. She finds meaning in many places, including Allen Iverson’s famed step over Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA finals, Wayne Thiebaud’s cake paintings and the inflatable tube dancers outside of car dealerships.

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