StartUp Fashion

Fashion entrepreneurs love this online community and resource. But Startup Fashion's website didn't reflect its success or professionalism.

Founder Nicole Giordano approached us for web design advice, but we encouraged her to rethink her branding from the ground up. The updated, reorganized website we created enhances audience confidence, which is crucial for a fee-based membership site. And Nicole is thrilled.

Our Contributions

Branding, Website, Visual Identity, Logo

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"Our most recent project with them was not only a branding refresh, but also a complete update of our website to better showcase all that we have to offer. And we’re thrilled with the results. It’s strong, professional, and clearly shows our community all the ways in which we can help them. Most importantly, over the last two launch periods our sales page's membership conversion rate was an average of 11.4%! Based on my research, that’s the upper echelon. #hellyes"

Nicole Giordano

Founder, StartUp Fashion

We’re Thrilled With The Results