The Trauma Recovery Place

The Trauma Recovery Place is establishing a new standard of care in treating the symptoms of complex trauma. Rather than focusing solely on thoughts and behaviors, they take a multidimensional approach to trauma recovery. Their innovative Ensemble Method (EM) combines the simultaneous delivery of psychotherapy and bodywork therapy to address the five dimensions of trauma: the body, energetics, behaviors, emotions and beliefs. By working in tandem, their therapists help clients recover from dissociative states, anxiety, depression and related symptoms resulting from abuse, neglect and traumatic experiences.

Their therapists specialize in working with high-functioning, high-achieving individuals who have spent years in therapy and tried multiple methods to address complex trauma, with little relief. Licensed clinical social worker, trauma expert and TTRP founder Xue Yang works collaboratively with bodywork specialist Amber Grant to develop and deliver customized treatment plans that expedite results. Together, they use the proven tools of Somatic Experiencing and craniosacral therapy in a highly active, participatory process. The Ensemble Method helps clients break the cycle of fear and terror so they can experience a sense of ease and flexibility. In addition to therapy services, TTRP provides educational resources to the public on the transformative effects of the Ensemble Method. Their practice also offers seminars, retreats and trainings for individuals and therapy professionals, as well as diagnostic consulting for therapists seeking new perspectives and approaches in the treatment of trauma.

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We appreciated the work DesignGood has done for us. They asked questions that helped our business focus and get clarity. We are an established business, but had trouble expressing our expertise and experience. The DesignGood team was patient and guided us on how to communicate who we are and what we do. We feel that our new website positions us for the future, but also showcases our personalities. We are thankful for the work this team has done for our business!

Xue Yang


We appreciated the work DesignGood has done for us. They asked questions that helped our business focus and get clarity.