Modern Renegades

After spending 10 years in the dressing room with clients in her lingerie boutique, Ashley M. Kelsch noticed a pattern: The seemingly strong, intelligent women who came into her shop often had personal stories of struggle and self-doubt – especially when it came to relationships. Now as a coach, she helps her clients change the way they think so they can change their results – even in love.

Ashley already had an established following on her social channels and podcast, but she wanted a brand and website that reflected her uniquely candid yet compassionate style of coaching. With inspiration from one of Ashley's favorite quotes, we based her logo on a moth and developed a color palette of contrasting strong and soft tones, much like Ashley herself. Through copywriting and website design, we helped Ashley tell her story and showcase her offerings so she could reach her audience more easily, while providing room for her brand to grow.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Digital Design

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"I have endless praise and good things to say about working with the DesignGood team but for me, the one major asset that they brought and continue to bring to the table is their ability to take all of your ideas and constrain them into a clear message with beautiful aesthetics. This is priceless and the reason that I continue to not only work with them as I develop new programs but refer them to anyone looking to brand their business or hone in on messaging."

Ashely Kelsch

Founder, Modern Renegades

Clear messaging with beautiful aesthetics