High-Vibe Business in Marie Claire Magazine!

High-Vibe Business in Marie Claire Magazine!

At DesignGood, we've been seeing for a while that more and more entrepreneurs and business leaders are bringing a spiritual approach to their work. It's the way we do business ourselves, and we also love clients who embrace their spiritual side.

So we were beyond excited to see that being high-vibe is getting some well-deserved media attention! The article "When Did Work Get So Woo-Woo?" appears in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine.  It spotlights some seriously successful women who have tapped into a variety of practices — from energy medicine and astrology to meditation and crystals. The article also features interviews with innovative coaches, teachers and healers (including one of our favorites, Queen of Manifestation Jen Mazer).

Here are just a few of our favorite quotes from this article:

When you align with your purpose and set your intentions, the universe conspires with you.

Katrina Markoff, founder and CEO of Vosges Haut-Chocolat

If we subconsciously believe the world is against us, then we will seek out "facts" that confirm this. If we assume the world is generous, we will similarly read into situations with optimism and hope. In business, having an abundant mind-set is essential; otherwise, we’ve already written ourselves off before we’ve begun.

Liz Tran, founder of Reset NYC

When you master your perception, you master your reality. It’s the difference between perceiving the world as something happening to us versus something happening for us.

Jessica Joines, executive coach

 If you've ever felt that your spiritual self has can't be a part of your work (I've definitely been there myself!), I hope the Marie Claire article speaks to you and opens up a new sense of possibility.

Our Favorite High-Vibe Resources

If you've already read and loved this article, DesignGood has a wealth of resources that can be the next step in your journey. First, The High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method is our comprehensive guide to tapping into your gifts, serving your higher purpose and attracting the people who light you up. It's our gift to you! Follow the link to download your copy. Next, explore the posts in the High-Vibe Entrepreneur and Business + Spirit categories on our blog.

We can also wholeheartedly recommend these high-vibe DesignGood clients and friends:

  • Joshua Smith offers personal and spiritual development coaching to anyone who wants to live a more abundant and joyful life.
  • Soul Alchemy Energy is a wellness brand focused on personal development, energy transformation and space clearing.
  •  LumenKind's Mindful Marks are temporary wearables that serve as fun and simple reminders to be present in your intentions.
  • Soulshine Cosmic Career Astrology can help you discover your true calling and align your life and career with the cosmos. (I loved being on their podcast!)

Finally, of course, DesignGood is always ready to help you build a thriving life and business. To work with us, shoot us an email or schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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