DesignGood's High-Vibe Gift Guide

DesignGood's High-Vibe Gift Guide

This year has been a challenging one — to put it mildly! As we head into the holiday season and the conclusion of 2020, you might be noticing a couple of very clear desires:

  1. You need to recharge! Winter is traditionally a time of rest and renewal, but our culture has gotten away from that. Especially as an entrepreneur, you need the time, space and resources to process everything this year has brought and to look toward 2021.
  2. You want to give meaningfully. The silver lining of 2020 is that it has reminded us how important our connections to others are. With that in mind, you may be looking for gifts that hold extra meaning.

We're here to help. DesignGood's High-Vibe Gift Guide features products and experiences that feed the soul and replenish the spirit. Our choices are designed to appeal to entrepreneurs who share our energetic approach to business: By elevating your own vibration, you are better able to attract what you want. But they should also appeal to anyone else who values personal growth and self-care. Hopefully, you'll see things on this list that you'll want to give to both yourself and to others. Need more high-vibe gift ideas? Follow my Raise Your Vibration board on Pinterest, where I’m always adding more books, tools and other products for creating and maintaining a high-vibe business and life.

High-Vibe Books 

Being your best self (and helping your business be at its best) means constant learning and growth. There's nothing quite as energizing as discovering fresh knowledge or a new way to see the world. These books and resources align with DesignGood's philosophy about business and branding.


'Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power' by Lalah Delia

At DesignGood, we base our branding work on energetics. In other words, for your brand and business to attract the right people and opportunities, you need to be putting out the same kind of energy. "Vibrate Higher" is exactly in line with what we teach. This is the book to pick up if you need to feel more positive, centered and empowered. (And who doesn't want that these days?)


'It's Not Your Money: How to Love Fully From Divine Abundance' by Tosha Silver

Anxieties and misperceptions about money — and how worthy you are of prosperity — can hold back your success as an entrepreneur. In this book, Silver guides you through an eight-week process to change your root beliefs and transform your finances. (P.S. As you work on your financial goals for 2021, I also recommend our blog posts by Erin Armstrong, DesignGood's "virtual CFO.")


'The Source' by Tara Swart

I consistently use this groundbreaking book's research-backed techniques for manifesting. Swart, a neuroscientist, leadership coach and medical doctor, explains how envisioning what you want in your life triggers your brain to become more attuned to those things.

High-Vibe Learning


My Human Design

This system created by Jenna Zoe will give you amazing insights into who you are and how to approach every aspect of your life, from career to relationships to health. The first step is discovering your energy type and, in turn, how you were designed to move through life. From there, you can choose from a variety of courses or even book a reading. Gift cards make it easy to share the Human Design experience with others.


To Be Magnetic

To Be Magnetic is one of the resources that have influenced DesignGood the most this year. Founder Lacy Phillips teaches manifestation in a clear and compelling way — her approach is a "combination of neuroscience and psychology teachings, with a little spirituality sprinkled on top." You can buy workshops a la carte, or get unlimited access with a membership. Check out the To Be Magnetic blog to get a feel for whether this approach is a fit for you or your gift recipient.

High-Vibe Self-Care

Working 24-7 is not the way to be successful. After all, how much do you have to give to others when you are tired, frazzled and depleted? When you take time to do things that bring you joy mentally and physically, you become more creative and inspired. These high-vibe gift ideas radiate beauty and energy, whether you purchase them for yourself or someone else.


Botanical Rituals Intentional Jewelry Talismans

All of your daily choices impact your energy. So it's especially powerful to wear objects of beauty and meaning. This jewelry is handmade by artisans with crystals like smoky quartz, green fluorite and amethyst, chosen for their chakra-healing properties. I also love that each necklace comes with activation instructions.


LightHause Cleaning Products

Are your work and living spaces lifting you — or bringing you down? These cleaning products by HausWitch are made with plant and crystal essences. So they'll leave your surroundings both sparkling clean and infused with fresh energy. A portion of all sales goes to Dig Deep, which helps Americans who lack access to clean, running water.


Moon Bath Book | Gift Set

There's nothing like a bath to distress and re-energize. The "Moon Bath" book takes things to the next level by guiding you through bathing rituals that align with the lunar cycles and the seasons. The gift set also includes New Moon Botanical Bath Tea, Moon Dew Botanical Face Mist and a hand-dyed Moon Bath bandana.


Brand & Iron and Magic Hour Astrology Candles

Whether you’re working, relaxing or meditating, a scented candle just seems to elevate everything. And these brands have some of our favorites. Brand & Iron candles combine memorable scents (my pick is Sandalwood + Lavender), a sleek design and sustainability. Magic Hour creates candles specifically designed to help you focus on different intentions, like gratitude and creativity. They’re handmade with ingredients like flower essences and essential oils. The soy wax of the candle melts to reveal charged gemstones.


Soulful Supplements by Moon Juice

Instead of being a boring routine, taking your vitamins becomes a beautiful ritual with Moon Juice. My favorite, the Cosmic Gold Adaptogenic Golden Latte, has a taste that’s to die for. And it helps you manage stress and keep your skin healthy. Actually, we love everything from Moon Juice. Check out their skin care and snacks, too.

No matter how you plan to spend this holiday season, we wish you rest, joy and safety. If you plan to take some time in the next few weeks to think about how to launch a new business or grow your current one next year, please get in touch. Just fill out our Get Started form to schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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