How to Create Audience Clarity

How to Create Audience Clarity

In Part 4 of DesignGood’s High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method Series, Kristin Moses explains how to hone in on the best audience for your work. If you’ve been completing each step of the High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method, you’ve already identified your unique gifts and passions and how you can use them to make a meaningful impact in your business. Today, we’re going to focus on another major aspect of your business: your clients or customers.

High-vibe entrepreneurs make themselves invaluable to the people they want to serve.

To do that, you need audience clarity: Pinpointing who your clients or customers are and understanding them deeply. We’re here to help. If you’re launching a business, you can use this guide to define who your audience will be. If you have an existing business, you’ll want to keep in mind your current audience as you read this article. But you may also want to think about any shifts you want to make in who you’re serving. For example, maybe you’re feeling a disconnect with your current audience because you want to focus on different work now than when you launched your business.

For both new and existing businesses, there are three essential steps to audience clarity: 1) Understanding their needs and wants, 2) Understanding your needs and wants, and 3) Understanding how your strengths can help meet your customers’ needs.

What Your Audience Needs

We don’t “click” with everyone we encounter in our personal lives — nor would we ever expect to. The same is true of our businesses. High-vibe businesses are built on authentic connection with a very specific audience. To form that connection with your customers or clients, you have to genuinely understand them and care about them. This is a big focus area for DesignGood’s work with our clients. That’s because what we learn about our clients’ audiences shapes all the work we do. We use questions like these to get to know their audiences. How would you answer these questions for your business?

  • At the most basic level, do you know the fundamental information about your desired customers or clients? For example, age, gender, occupation, location, income level.
  • What are their likes and dislikes? For example, what other brands might they buy from? Where do they hang out — both online and offline?
  • What do they need? What really drives your customers or clients? What are they seeking? What would make their lives better? Go really deep on your answer here. Here are a few ideas to spark your thinking:
  • Freeing up more time in their day
  • Reducing stress
  • Feeling peace of mind
  • Feeling inspired
  • Making a purchase that aligns with their values
  • Showing others what they’re all about
  • Seeking to develop their full potential
  • Feeling connected
  • How can you use your business to make a difference for your audience when it comes to their key needs? After all, making a difference is what it’s all about for high-vibe entrepreneurs. What benefits would they gain from working with or buying from you?
  • How do your Business Identity and Business Purpose enable to you to serve the needs of your audience?

Working With Like-Minded Clients

This is a step a lot of entrepreneurs overlook when it comes to defining their audience, but it’s absolutely essential. As a high-vibe entrepreneur, a business you’re not passionate about isn’t sustainable. Just as your audience must feel inspired by you, you need to feel inspired by them. When you work with like-minded people, everything just flows better, and you’re more likely to do your best work.

We discovered this firsthand at DesignGood. We were already clear about the characteristics of the clients we work best with and the deeper needs we fill, such as providing a sense of support and peace of mind for entrepreneurs as they take major steps for their businesses.

But then we decided to seek an additional level of clarity: What qualities do the clients we work best with share? Our list included things like this:

  • They’re passionate about their own businesses.
  • They understand the value of creating a strong brand and powerful visuals and messaging.
  • They love to collaborate with and learn from others.
  • They’re serious about success.
  • They are proactive and motivated to make changes in their lives and business.
  • They trust us and they value our expertise.
  • They want to focus on what they do best and enlist expert help to handle the other aspects of their business.

When we understood this for ourselves, and when we started to “call” this kind of client with our messaging, we saw the difference in both the work we were doing and our satisfaction with that work.

What would your version of this list look like? Here are a few questions to consider.

  • Who are the people who raise your energy? What qualities do they share?
  • On the other hand, who saps your energy when you’re around them? What do your “energy vampires” have in common?
  • Think about your most satisfying work experiences or the work you are proudest of creating. Do you notice any themes emerging?
  • Now recall some work experiences that made you unhappy or times when you didn’t create the results you set out to. What do these experiences tell you about the way you work and what you need to be at your best?

Start Calling in Your Audience

The main thing we want you to remember is that high-vibe entrepreneurs know that success isn’t about turning everyone out there into a client or customer. It’s about concentrating on the people you can do the best work for and building every aspect of your brand to attract, serve and forge meaningful connection with those people. The next articles in the High-Vibe Entrepreneur Series will teach you how to do just that. In the meantime, we encourage you to make a list of all the qualities of your dream client or customer and review it daily. Even this simple action can help you start manifesting change in your business. And, as always, if you’d like an expert, enthusiastic partner to help you walk through these steps, please get in touch with us.

Much love and gratitude,
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