Engaged Pursuit

Helping brand-new businesses launch is one of our specialties. Tom Perry had a vision for a fresh, story-centered approach to career coaching.

DesignGood took Tom's ideas and turned them into a distinctive brand that showcases Tom's originality and credibility. We loved collaborating with this dedicated client to define his services and then creating visuals that quickly and clearly explain them to website visitors.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Email Marketing

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"Partnering with DesignGood in the development of my new business brand exceeded my expectations. From the start of our relationship, the DesignGood team worked tirelessly to create a compelling customer offering — from the design of my corporate logo and business cards to the comprehensive launch of my client-facing website. DesignGood is full of strategic thinkers, smart project managers, creative specialists and technical experts. My new business was absolutely elevated through my partnership with DesignGood. I highly recommend their services for any entrepreneur looking to launch something new or for any business owner looking to expand their brand impact."

Tom Perry

Founder, Engaged Pursuit

Exceeded My Expectations