Is a Lack of Alignment Hurting Your Business?

Is a Lack of Alignment Hurting Your Business?

When I first talk to new DesignGood clients, they have a variety of concerns and questions.

Some aren't sure whether their idea for a new business is right for them. Others already have a business but want to recapture that "spark" that made them so passionate when they first started out. And then there are those who have achieved some success but can't figure out how to take things to the next level. They all have one thing in common: They feel stuck. 

And there’s always the same underlying cause: Somewhere along the way, they have gotten out of alignment with what they have created, and their business is no longer a reflection of them. This lack of alignment will always keep them from having the business they want to have. 

When I talk about alignment, something just seems to click for our clients. So I want to share the same guidance with you in this special series of blog posts that kicks off today. We'll be covering alignment in your business, your brand and your being. First up: business alignment.

How Alignment Works

Before we get into the practical how-tos, it's important to understand the energetics of alignment.

We all come into this world with unique gifts, talents, passions and desires. Being in alignment means honoring those amazing truths about yourself and sharing them with the world.

If you're in alignment, life and work feel easy. Everything just flows naturally because you're doing the work you were made for and you're using your gifts daily. You are acknowledging who you really are and showing your clients that side of you, too. 

When you're in this space, the rules of energetics work in your favor. You're vibrating on the same frequency as the people, projects and opportunities you want to be a part of your business. You’re calling them in to you. As you do work that's meaningful to you, the things you want for your business show up effortlessly. This is because you're showing up as your fullest and brightest self  — and that makes you energetically irresistible.

If you're out of alignment, quite the opposite is true. Everything feels harder than it needs to be. You feel like you have to actively search out opportunities vs. them coming to you. You're disengaged from your work, and you might be saying yes to projects and people that don’t honor where you are and who you are. Your target audience overlooks you or doesn't "get" you. And overall, you feel lost and lacking direction. Needless to say, money doesn't flow with ease.

When you're hitting heavy resistance at every turn with your business, the universe is telling you pretty clearly that something is off. Whether you already have a business or you're planning to launch one, here are the areas where a lack of alignment can show up.

Doing What You're Best At 

For all of us, there's a long list of things that we can do, but a shorter list of things where we really shine.

If your business or business idea is not built around you doing the work you truly love and excel at it, then you are out of alignment.

Fully embracing your most important work — and eliminating or minimizing the time you spend on other work — can feel a little scary. You may worry that not enough people will hire you for the work you really want to be doing. Or you may feel that you can't afford to outsource other tasks to focus on what you do best.  

Your innate gifts and talents are a clue to what you should be doing in this world. The more you can spend your time using those gifts and talents, the more that your business will thrive. Think about how it feels when you're around someone who's really in their element. That's the kind of person you'd want to work with, right?

If you haven't already done so, take some time to get clear on the work that really lights you up. When you do more of that work, you'll effortlessly attract more business. Say yes to the projects you want to be working on. The ones that get you excited. The more you say yes to the things you do want, and no to the things you don't, the more space you create for projects that are in alignment with who you are. 

Working With the Right People 

I can’t stress enough the importance of working for customers or clients who give you joy and who see your value (and pay you for it!). These people — your people — enable you to do your best work and make your greatest impact.

For your business to succeed, you must be very selective about the people you want to work with. If your target audience is everyone, then you're not in alignment. If your business (or the business you're planning) involves doing work you love, but for clients or customers you're actually not that crazy about, then you're not in alignment.

On top of that, choosing to work only with the people who are an ideal fit for you calls in more people just like them. So you don't have to hustle for business or do the hard sell. The right people just show up. The opposite is true, too. When you work with the wrong people, you just attract more of them.

Finding Meaning Through Work  

We all crave a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. And, for many of us, work is one of the main ways we find it. If your business doesn't reflect your values, then you are out of alignment.

Just as entrepreneurs often assume they can't yet afford to do only the work they really want to do or work or serve only their ideal audience, it's also easy to fall under the misperception that you don't have the luxury of building a business based on your unique purpose.

But this really isn't a luxury at all. It's essential. Think about it. If you spend every day thinking "What's the point of all of this?" or "I'm not making a difference," then that stale and cynical energy will permeate your business. Potential clients and customers are really good at detecting when your heart just isn't in it. And they'll bypass you to find someone who's more invested and passionate.

Does your business naturally incorporate things that are important to you and that you care about? You have to be crystal clear on this before you start a business. And if you already own a business, you have to check in regularly to make sure it still holds true.

That Discontent Is Guiding You Home

Being out of alignment is not a signal to give up on your business. Feelings of discontent or a lack of fulfillment are actually a gift. They're guiding you back to your soul’s truth and your business purpose.

When you pay attention to those feelings, they'll help you create a business that feeds your soul — one that allows you to do the work you are great at and to do it for people who respect and value you. 

In our next blog article, we'll take a look at how alignment helps you build a magnetic brand. In the meantime, if you'd like to talk more about creating alignment in your business, let's chat. Just fill out our get started form to schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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